My eBook Is Available!

I know I promised all of you an Angel and Al eBook when I stopped writing Angel and Al on the blog. I said that I felt that the stories are a lot close to my heart and that sharing these stories is like having no pants on in a hustling market. I felt as if I am being exposed and that I am revealing secrets.

It was because they are so cute! “Angel and Al” is like my pet project which I have grown so fond of that I don’t want to share them with the world anymore. That I want to keep them with me forever and never share with the world

But it was also my most successful “series” I ran on the blog here. And I finally decided that not sharing the story of Angel and Al is selfish of me and that it is in fact, an injustice to Angel and Al that I am not propagating their beautiful legacy with the world. I felt that it is my duty to spread the joy and happiness which reflects in the stories and the sense of satisfaction I got when I wrote them.

Angel & Al have grown up. The stories are like my children and to see them grow from individual stories to the anthology is an absolutely amazing feeling. Writing Angel and Al was never “work” for me but I always wrote them with a silly grin on my face. Without further ado, I present to you all Angel & Al.

These are a collection of 30 stories (blogs) from this tiny little blog I have. It is free of cost and will be free forever. It is available on Kobo and Smashwords at least and many more retailers. Just so you guys know, I love you all for all the support you gave me over the years. Thank you so much my dearest readers, for all the support.

A special thank you goes to my personal Angel for whom all of these were written initially. This wouldn’t be possible without you.

You can download the book from Smashwords here. If you prefer then click here to download from the Kobo website. Once again, thank you my lovely blog readers for all the support. Do download, I insist. It’s free and very short. Leave it a review and send me your honest thoughts!

P.s. I know that I haven’t been active on the blog lately. It’s just that I have been receiving no feedback from you guys and I got upset and called it quits for a while. But I promised myself that I will be here for you guys, even if I reduce myself down to a single blog a week, even if you guys aren’t here. Stay awesome!


Sleepy Head

“Hey Sleepy head, wakey wakey!”

You rub your eyes but the bed is so warm and the pillow is so soft.Drowsiness takes charge, invites laziness over and the three of you try to drift off to dream land once again.

“Hey.”, you hear a whisper in your ear and concentrate harder on going back to sleep.

“Good morning.”, you hear my voice along with a kiss on your cheek.

You slowly open your eyes and see me in front of the window. The white curtains were blowing in the summer breeze and the sunlight filled the room. You look at me look at you with a smile. I kneel beside your side of the bed and trace your cheek with my fingers with touch so light, it appears inexistant.

A sweet smile slowly creeps onto your lips and in a raspy, dreamy voice you wish me Good Morning.

“I love you.”, I said and kissed your forehead. “Breakfast ready in five minutes woman, get ready.”

With that I walked out of the door and you watched me as I paused at the door to wink at you, making you giggle and whisper Silly Boy under your breath.

That’d Be Fun!

“And then the groom kisses the bride and the priest pronounces them husband and wife.”, I said to you as you put your head on my shoulder and we looked up at the night sky. Forming constellations which do not exist and aren’t real.

“But don’t you think it is boring?”, you said and I let out a slight giggle.

“I guess it is.”, I said. “You want to make it fun?”

“Yes. I want something which will be like our personal way of doing it. It’ll be special and it’ll be unique to us.”, you said and turned to your shoulder to look at me. “You’re the writer.”, you said excitedly. “You tell me something which is fun and unique.”

“I can kidnap you Angel.”, I said.

“No. That’s stereotypical. I will kidnap you.”, you said and we both shared a little laughter.

“As you say mademoiselle. Kidnap me in a bike with side car. That’s almost unheard of.”

“What about our apparel?”, you said and I let out a little hmm as I pretended to think.

“You come in your pyjamas. And with your bunny shaped slippers. I will come in tennis shorts and flip-flops.”, I said and we both roared to laughter.

When we settled ourselves down and looked into each others eyes, you leaned closer and asked, “What about our vows?”

I looked into your eyes and traced the back of my hand on your right shoulder and said, “Well, I will vow that forevermore and beyond I shall be your husband. Your words shall be my guide and you shall be my wife. Till the day God himself dies.”

“And my vows?”, you asked.

“Your vows…”, I said and pretended to think once again with my lips pressed together. You looked at me with an anxious look. “You just say that You Do.

I looked at you look at me and in that moment I felt that the day had seized. I knew that I was forever wed to this girl.


She’s prettier than it seems but to those who comprehend. She’s prettier than you think if you just look at her skin. She’s prettier than you can imagine if you just think of her looks.

You see she’s like an instrument which you cannot force to sing. She’s not the drum like you who falsetto if someone stings. She’s more like a cello if you look closely. She’s the sound of happiness and the idol of melancholy. She’s misunderstood beyond compare and it’s just because not everyone knows how her to play.

I don’t play her, I really don’t. I just guide the bow softly and just touch the notes. I don’t force her to speak or whisper or scream. I just hold her as on me she leans. I embrace her close and hold her right and we unite and form music bright.

I know you barely understand what I say. You look at her and see an overgrown voila. I look at her and see an instrument rare.

But don’t you worry it’s not your fault. She will seem to you gibberish if you read music wrong. Like Japanese script to an Englishman. Or sheet music to layman.

I’m Sorry Angel

“I’m sorry Angel”, I whispered into your ear and leaned me forehead against your temple. “I won’t be able to do it.”

To be fair to you, this was pretty random. This indeed was very random. It was so random that at one moment my lips were at your nape and the next moment my lips were at your ear saying that I won’t be able to do it. As a sane person should, you too looked at me with concern in your eyes and looked at me with a bewildered look.

“What you won’t be able to do, my dear Al? As long as I have known you, there has been practically nothing which you have not said that you cannot do or you have not done. What is it Al?”, you said and tried to look into my eyes.

“I know Angel. But… this is different. This is something that I honestly cannot do. This is something that I can really not do.”, I said and my voice became raspy. And tiny little tears welled up in my eyes.

You saw me and knew that this thing was really really bothering me. That thing was more than being just another thing and was a lot more than being just another thing. It was something which resided in my soul and was something which I really really feared was something which I cannot do. Perplexed, amused and bemused you held me tightly in an embrace.

“Whatsoever it is or it was, I am sure that now you can do it and Al you always have me with you.”, you said and I hugged you back tightly and hid my head in your neck and underneath your hair. They tickled and trickled at my nape but I didn’t mind.

“Tell me what happened. We will fix it together, I assure you.”, you said and I loosened my grip on you and looked into your eyes.

“I saw a little girl the other day outside your medical college.”, I said and you shook your head affirmatively. “She had an injury and because of that she was crying and crying and crying continuously!”

You gave my head an affectionate pat and listened to me patiently.

“I just cannot drop our daughter to school for her first day! Shy will cry and cry and cry and cry and ask me to take her back home and I won’t be able to see that.”, I said.


“No Angel. You take leave and you drop her.”


“Angel I don’t know. If I go, I know that I will not be able to drop her and bring her back home. Wipe her tears on the way and give her ice-cream to lighten her mood.”

“AL!”, you raised you voice a bit to silence me which strangely is very effective. “We’re 20 Al. We have at least 5 years till we get a baby! Silly boy.”

“O”, I said. “But I am then too not going to drop her.”

“Al you talk of all these silly stuff and make me shy.”, you say slowly slowly blushing to a deep beetroot red. While I sit, unable to contemplate what made you shy.

No amount of asking drew the answer out of you though. I wonder why…?


Unbeknownst to me,

She was the tale I carried between my heart

Trapped between my lips

And at the tip of my tongue.

Unbeknownst to her,

I was the eccentric silent speaker

Who spoke with his mouth shut

And read the words unsaid.

Returning Home

You know that feeling? That warm fuzzy feeling in your stomach as if you swallowed a pint of butterflies? When you are at the door of the airplane with a parachute on your back and you’re about to leap off of it?

That emotion you feel when you held your newborn in your arms for the first time? That sensation when you are about to go on the podium to recieve an award for the  work you worked hard for, for the first time? The sensation which bathes all over you when you run with the ball, unchallenged to score the game winning basket with just seconds to spare and you know that now you can’t be stopped?

That dream like state when you run a victory lap despite the fact that you’re totally spent and exhausted but your legs cannot stop from running just one more lap? That emotion you feel when you’re on the stage and your arms and legs hurt so much from drumming so hard but the adrenaline keeps pumping and pumping and you feel euphoric?

That emotion when you look at your opponent and instead of looking at you with jealousy, he looks at you with admiration and pride and nothing short of respect and a sense of deserving for you and pride for himself that he gave the best against you?

You know that feeling right? When you peer over a height from your parents arms and you know that you won’t fall down as long as they are holding you. When you’re sitting behind your best friend on a two wheeler and he speeds faster and faster and  snakes through the traffic despite all your requests to slow down but you know that nothing will happen to you? That warm fire inside you when you see your pet come running at you after a long day at work?

That emotion you feel when you’ve been away from home for a long time and you return home and you open the door and step inside, keep the key where you’ve been keeping it for years and look around your home where you’ve been living for what seems like ages?

That warm fuzzy feeling burried deep inside your stomach, which warms you from the inside and all of a sudden you are no lonher tired or fatigued or upset or overjoyed. That emotion when you have a sense of pride of existing and you enjoy living. The moment when you actually carpe diem.

That is how I feel when I look at you.


I don’t want to feel you ebb away. I don’t want you to go and leave me here to stay. I don’t want to feel you’re fading in my memory and be scared, clinging on to you holding you closer in despair.

I don’t want you to feel I am scared. I don’t want you to think it isn’t okay to let go. I don’t want you to be scared of eternal rest.

But why think about it? You’re 21 and I’m 20! We still have ages spare!

But let’s pause. Pause the clock and let’s sit and watch the watch. The dial and the hands alike as our hands entwine. Let’s freeze the beautiful sunset and sit and enjoy the beauty. Let’s stop the flight of the birds and place them in front of our beautiful sunset. Let’s be as we are and give the day a day off.

Let’s laugh and enjoy ourselves, our company, our chemistry, our individuality and our ingenuity. Let’s just seize the world. Seize the day. Seize it all. Imagine a seized waterfall!

Let’s pause it all and go for a walk.

Let’s pause. Before we ebb away.

All I Ever Want

That’s all I ever want.

All I ever want is to sleep after you so as to see you as you sleep and mumble in your sleep. So that when you are about to wake up, I see the reluctance to let go of your dreams in your expressions. So that when I finally embrace you in morning and whisper “Good Morning beautiful” in your ears and kiss your cheeks, I can see the faint blush n your cheeks as they flush red and a slow creeping smile across your lips.

All I ever want to serve you breakfast even before you have the time to wake up properly and feed it to you with my hands. So that you can mumble how the food I cooked was and when finally realize that it’s your favourite dish you can say it’s the best in the whole wide world with the largest smile on this planet.

All I ever want is when you come back from home, I embrace you tightly in a hug and the shift you to my back. So that you don’t have to spend your precious energy in walking around and other minimal tasks. So that all your saved energy can be invested into talking to me and describing me your endeavours at work. So that I can hear about the interesting cases and the boring ones too. So that you can keep speaking and speaking and speaking and speaking and speaking.

All I ever want is that we could see another sunset from our room in our home which we picked together and set it together and decorated it together and spooilt together. Where we spend our time together and will do so in the future too together. Where we are together. Amusing ourselves and enjoying the beauties of nature together. Were I embrace you and amuse, bemuse and never ever refuse you.

All I ever is that every morning you wake up with a smile and go to sleep with a smile and in between a smile dances on your lips and if possible even in your dreams you smile.

To summerize all I ever want in my life, is for you to smile.