Why Did I Stop Blogging and Scraped My Book Project?

So this has not been “officially” said, but I guess it’s a pretty obvious fact at this point that: 

  1. I have stopped blogging here at adwitiyadixit.wordpress.com and
  2. I have scraped the blog stories compilation book, “This Book Ate My Homework!”. Or at least temporarily suspended it.

And yes, today I accept both of the accusations and say that the rumors have been true. Let’s begin with why This Book Ate My Homework! has been suspended.

I began writing in a very casual manner. When I began writing, I was just bored and as I have always toyed with the idea of writing, I jumped on it. My stories very goofy and then, like every other teen, I went through a sappy phase and wrote ridiculously sappy stories.

I love them. And I know that a few of the readers and my friends and family love them too. But when I began compiling them and editing them, I realized that even though people who know me will enjoy it, people who don’t know me or have never transitioned with this blog will laugh and shoo me away as a naive or casual writer. 

The truth is that I take my stories a seriously and I also take my writing seriously. I just don’t want my work to be the reason why people don’t take me seriously. So at least temporarily, I have stopped any form of work on our blogs compilation book even though 30% of the book has made it through the second draft.

Now the elephant in the room. Why am I not blogging here? Why am I blogging on EtchedSecrets.Wordpress.com ? If I have a huge base here and I have published poems here before too, why not use this blog only?

Well… This blog is pretty much dead. I have had some great memories with this blog but the truth be told, it never performed. I know that the fault is majorly mine but the fault has also been on the other end. The traffic is not returning and somehow any efforts to resurrect this is not working. I began “When They Met…” with a lot of hopes but the failure of a baby project was too much. The first story that I wrote in the segment received ZERO views. That was just a bit too much to bear and I haven’t had the heart to write here again. 

Is that the end of this blog?

No. I have projects for this blog. I am even thinking of turning this into a personal website. Like an author’s website. But temporarily, this blog will not have any form of new content here. If you guys would like, I will post the poems from EtchedSecrets here too.

So am I temporarily ceasing to write? 

Not at all. I have a few surprises for you. My current work in progress is Withdrawal Effects. What happens when the strongest drug in the world, love, withdraws? It’s a novella. The largest piece I ever worked on. I have prepared a preliminary draft for it and after my exams I will be working on it. And also a project on which I have been sitting on for nearly two years! Dead Ravens. I can’t tell you a lot about these right now but soon you’ll have them.

So that’s about it for now. Let me know down below if you want to read my poems here too. And if you want me to revive this blog, then too leave a comment here.

Till then, take care.

So long.


– Adwitiya R Dixit


When They Met… (A.k.a. Your Christmas Present)

I am fashionably late, let me be clear of that first of all. I am late and I know it. I am late on purpose. I am deliberately late. Okay so maybe, just maybe, I am late by a day for your Christmas present, but hey, it’s all on purpose.

Here it finally is. The new chapter in our life. The new beginning that we all needed. A fresh start. The ReBirth of our journey is finally here. To begin with, I will first explain to you the purpose behind this idea and then I would tell you why I am going for this particular idea out of the arsenal of ideas that I have. And then I will finally tell you what all this is all about.

The Purpose: I could have continued with the blogs that I was blogging about already but after my decision to write professionally, I found that everything that I post on a blog will be considered published. Which makes my 600 stories posted here on the blog ineligible to be considered for publication. Thereby, I had to come up with a new format for the blog, so that it can be a win-win situation. You get your stories and I don’t have to feel bad about giving things away rather than having them published.

Why this idea?: It’s simple. Lately, I have been doing some market research and I found out about something called meet-cute. A meet-cute by definition is, a fictional scene, typically in film or television, in which a future romantic couple meets for the first time in a way that is considered adorable, entertaining, or amusing. And I cannot have more than one meet-cute in a story about a single couple right? So why don’t I use this idea?

The idea: I should stop acting as if I am writing an assignment for my English professor who places special emphasis on the importance of categorization and presentation. But either way, enough chit-chat. Here I present to you (pun intended) When They Met… Which is a collection of meet-cutes.

Now what should you expect here? You should expect meet-cutes. How often? Daily!

How often? Daily!

Can I suggest or request you a specific meet-cute? Surely!

Can I request or challenge you to use objects or situations in the meet-cute? Absolutely!

Can I write a guest post here? I do not see why not!

So here I declare that this blog begins it’s new journey today. Bon voyage! I am your captain and you are my passengers. Today the boat is in the dry docks and tomorrow, WE SHALL SAIL!

Welcome, to this blog version 2.0!


This blog is officially dead.

And now that it is dead. We can work together on fixing it. And I have a plan.

Over the past three years, I have been on this blog. I have been writing fiction here and this is the place where I wrote fiction first, where I experimented with the genres and explored all of them and this is indeed the very place where I decided that I want to write for a living. This is the place which I used to sharpen the nib of my pen and this is where I skilled myself.

After three years of writing blogs, I realized that I have been doing it wrong. I have not been consistent with the blog. I have not been participating as actively as I should have. I do not have a successful blog and the worst of them all? That I cannot use a single story which I have uploaded here to get published in a magazine or anthology. Even though blogging has had it’s positives on me, it has had it’s negatives too.

But I want to revive the blog. Just because it is not yielding, it does not mean that I should give up on it. The blog is like my home and after living for three years in my e-home, I have grown attached to it. This is where I belong and if you have not paid attention yet, it has my name on it. I can’t give up on myself like this. I can make this work.

But it’s the law of nature. Creation begins with Destruction. The humans came after the dinosaurs died. A baby is born after destruction. Cities are made after the destruction of forests. A phoenix rises, but from it’s very own ashes. You must fall to rise. Die to live. If you won’t fail, how will you distinguish the taste of success and victory? The taste of achievement and milestone? How will you know when you are doing better and when you are winning?

So now, I pronounce this blog officially dead. I am re-creating it from the ground up. Cosmetic and cellular changes. A few of those are visible to you. A few to come very soon.

This blog will soon again be a daily deal. And there are a lot of interesting and surprising announcements to come. Stay tuned.

My eBook Is Available!

I know I promised all of you an Angel and Al eBook when I stopped writing Angel and Al on the blog. I said that I felt that the stories are a lot close to my heart and that sharing these stories is like having no pants on in a hustling market. I felt as if I am being exposed and that I am revealing secrets.

It was because they are so cute! “Angel and Al” is like my pet project which I have grown so fond of that I don’t want to share them with the world anymore. That I want to keep them with me forever and never share with the world

But it was also my most successful “series” I ran on the blog here. And I finally decided that not sharing the story of Angel and Al is selfish of me and that it is in fact, an injustice to Angel and Al that I am not propagating their beautiful legacy with the world. I felt that it is my duty to spread the joy and happiness which reflects in the stories and the sense of satisfaction I got when I wrote them.

Angel & Al have grown up. The stories are like my children and to see them grow from individual stories to the anthology is an absolutely amazing feeling. Writing Angel and Al was never “work” for me but I always wrote them with a silly grin on my face. Without further ado, I present to you all Angel & Al.

These are a collection of 30 stories (blogs) from this tiny little blog I have. It is free of cost and will be free forever. It is available on Kobo and Smashwords at least and many more retailers. Just so you guys know, I love you all for all the support you gave me over the years. Thank you so much my dearest readers, for all the support.

A special thank you goes to my personal Angel for whom all of these were written initially. This wouldn’t be possible without you.

You can download the book from Smashwords here. If you prefer then click here to download from the Kobo website. Once again, thank you my lovely blog readers for all the support. Do download, I insist. It’s free and very short. Leave it a review and send me your honest thoughts!

P.s. I know that I haven’t been active on the blog lately. It’s just that I have been receiving no feedback from you guys and I got upset and called it quits for a while. But I promised myself that I will be here for you guys, even if I reduce myself down to a single blog a week, even if you guys aren’t here. Stay awesome!


“Yeah? Are you sure on this? Is this true?

Well I don’t care! Just get me a goddamn confirmation! Wow! This is literally a breaking news right here.”

*Clicks of the earphone*

*News reporter looks at the screen and starts to narrate*

“Well the news just got in! The professional procrastinator, Adwitiya Dixit has finally announced his retirement. He said that he will no longer be procrastinating. This is just as much a shocker to me as it is to you. I can’t believe my ears man! Let me share an insight with you. Industry expersts are saying that this is an industry changer right here. The inflow of investment to the Royal Funds For Professional Procrastinators is really in trouble now. The “Clubbers Club to Club Work: A Proscrastinator’s Life” club is really very annoyed at this and have cancelled Adwitiya’s life-time membership. Who knows what the future has in store, flying figs!?!”


Okay so the poor joke ends here. Hereby I swear that every moment I am idle will now be invested in the brainchild I have. By the end of this month expect “Withdrawl Effects”.

Yup! It’s a novella I have been working on to be working on it. Don’t get excited though. It’s everything that you wouldn’t want to read probably. Something which happens to be about an addict’s struggle with an addiction. Hopelessly Romantic genre. You don’t want to read it. Trust me.

One month and you’ll have it. Promise. 😀

A New Beginning

I know. I promised a schedule of 10:30 but I am not punctual. I apologize and accept my fault. But it’s celebration time as I am about to give you A New Beginning today.

Once again apologies for ending Angel and Al so abruptly and I once again promise that I will give you a complete book about them till the end of this year. Consolation and compensation for your loss is a must to be provided by me and this new concept is my gift to you.

What is love?

Love is an emotion between two people? No. Love is Cupid. Cupid is born out of chaste but is a naive baby who is blind. Cupid has wings and it flies high in the sky. Cupid has a bow and arrow. Love is Cupid. Love is blind and many mistake it for a physical attraction. But the high is higher than a drug and is pure and innocent like a child. But it also carries weapon of mass destruction and pain.

Love can happen to anyone with anyone. Literally. We love our pets! We love everything. Some people love violence but that I their love!

In this regard, with a serious tone, I present you a new series of blog. I have titled it “But…”

A man falls in love with a girl half his age. His journey through his eyes. His journey of self discovery and change. An emotional rollercoaster. Dynamic with emotions oozing out. His self doubts and his inhibitions.

Come be a part of this journey. A step everyday at midnight.


Change Is The Only Constant

Yes. Change is the only constant and it’s true. Okay so a confession. I… I… I am possessive over Angel.

It’s true. Writing Angel over and over again has made me closer and closer to her. (It’s a character you’d say but trust me, Angel is someone special to me.) I honestly don’t want to share my Angel with anyone now. So sorry. But I don’t want to. Angel’s mine.

But don’t worry. The other constant is equilibrium. Equilibrium will always be maintained. If I am withdrawing some characters from you, I will be introducing more characters. I have cooked a rainbow of characters for you to have and I am sure you’ll lick your fingers!

I apologize for discontinuing Angel and Al but I feel too personal about those two little gems. I might be sending them your way in a little book though, compiled and some extras till the end of this year.

Announcement: I am going to add a micro blog, The infamous Six Word Stories on Twitter. Follow me there, TheQuotesGuy @Adwitiyadixit for these tiny little stories. And 8 am IST will be a poem on the blog and 10:30 pm IST will be a story.

With loads of affection to you guys. I blog for you and I am here cause you are here. Thank you for all the support.

Yours truly,