Will It Always Go Up?

He sat in his room and watching the sky. Fascinating beautiful sky.

The sun goes down and the stars are already shimmering. The moon is a bit above the horizon and everybody. Yes everybody is thinking of tomorrow.

The day ends and they come to rest but think about tomorrow. How to shoot up their capital again. How to be a better master of the universe. They all want control. Infinite control. Control over everything.

Turn the bulb on,  I controlled the sun. Turn the shower on, I mastered rain. Take a narcotic and I control my sleep. Fraction by fraction. Fractional control. Power naps. Flash fiction. Haiku.

The guy closes his eyes and imagines, Will it always go up? And it’s really amazing that it will never go up. It’s not even going up. Time is nothing.

Time is just a measure. Not an entity or substance.

In Aristotle’s words: Time is the measure of change.

The date tomorrow does not matters.

But the fact that we survived one more day to see the rising sun set and the setting moon rise matters.