Privacy Policy

Hello there!

This is my privacy policy page. First of all no hard feelings. I would love you to read my posts and reblog them or share them with your friends but I have a few conditions which are to be strictly followed.

  1. If you are sharing my content, do state the origin of the content you are sharing.
  2. Quote me if you want but with my permission.
  3. Do not use my content without notifying me and/or asking for permission to do so.
  4. The content on this page belongs to me and I would not like my work to be stolen or copied.

A writer works hard to come up with new content. This states for not only me but also others. Any person who is in the creative line of work; an artist, painter, sculptor, writer, musician works very hard to produce the work he does. It seems and appears to be effortless but the truth is that every content takes a lot of time and effort to be created. Respect the hardship involved. Buy the content and do not download things for free. Don’t support piracy.

Enjoy your visit to my blog.

Thank you.