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I don’t know if I ever told you
I don’t think there’s a need to either
But late at night
When you’re asleep
And I am wide awake beside you
Basking in the glory,
Bathing in the cadence of my sun
Gently stroking your hair
And leaning in
I often whisper it to you

I tell you how much I miss you
And can’t wait for you to wake up
I tell you how the day couldn’t come sooner
And how I’m being patient
Waiting for you to wake up
So that I could drown in your lovely eyes
And hear my birdie swing
And watch her stretch
Before she goes out to fly

I know you probably don’t remember
But when I tell you this
Even in your sleep
Your lips curl in a smile
And I can moonbathe for a while

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I’ll Hold My Breath On My Way Down

Don’t worry
I’ll close my eyes as I’ll be blinded
And cover my ears as they bleed
I’ll pat my heart as it races
And bask in the shadow of your wings
Standing underneath

Don’t worry
I’ll save my heart when heaven calls and you have to leave
And protect it from harm for you
It’s not mine anymore, ever since I saw you it hasn’t been
I’ll hold my breath on my way down
I wouldn’t suffocate, in packets of hope I’ll breathe

Don’t worry
I’ll not let you spend a day without me
Haunted, possessed you’ll always be
And after you I promise I’ll be fine
I’m sure I’ll follow you back, quite quickly

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With Glitter And Glue

I found an angel
Once was a Christmas ornament
But I found her unordained
With broken wings
And cracked
Her face a mess
And her arms aloof
I’m not Christian
Not a good one at the very least
But to see her like that broke my heart
Wrenched my soul

So I picked up the poor thing
And took her home
It was then
And still to this day
I’m fixing her with glue
Occasionally glitter
Patching her together
Fixing her up
In hope that maybe I won’t have to
Paint a smile on her face
And maybe
Just maybe
My lifetime of sins can be redeemed

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Yours Forever…

Dearest Angel,

I know that the trip is supposed to be five days long. I also know that nearly four of them have passed and you’ll be here in less than 30 hours. But I do have to tell you, it’s not possible for me to be so far away from you.

You know how we check the time and raise our hands to turn the wrist to our faces to have a quick glance at the face of the watch, only to realize that we didn’t put it on that day? That’s how I feel every day without you. You know how you sometimes go for a bath and reach towards your face to take off your specs, only to be greeted by the cold nothingness just to realize that you don’t have them on your face? That’s how my day feels without you. Checking for the mobile in the pocket only to realize its tucked between your squishy, kissable, sexy cheek and your ear? That’s how my life feels without you. That panic you feel on missing the last step of the stairs while coming down, only to realize that there wasn’t a final step to begin with? That sudden panic, has been my week without you.

But even in those cases, the relief that follows is always instant. We remember the watch is at home, or know the glasses are on the medicine cabinet, or we’re talking on the mobile, or we’re on solid ground and not falling. And here, in my case…

My relief will come five days later. Now thirty hours later.

It’s just so far away!

However, I do have to acknowledge, I still feel your presence and love… Within me. All around me. And I can’t wait for it to become tangible once again.

Come back soon.

Yours forever,


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That’s all I ever want
To lay by your side
Our fingers intertwined
To watch you fall asleep
And be the first you see
When you open your eyes

And that’s all I ever want
To see you smile
On jokes terribly defined
Their delivery corrupt
Their meaning lost on most
But kept within us alive

And that’s all I want
To cook you meals before you arrive
From work or dreamland alike
To get my baby up and brush her teeth
And then watch her bathe
Maybe some assistance I’ll occasionally provide
And watch you blush as you read these lines

And that’s all I ever want

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Buried within the heart
Of a barren, dry desert
I want to be the flower
That blooms
In the odorless
Scalding scathing burning sand
Within its bosom
I want to be the aroma
Of a valley flooded in colors
Sometime in late August
In the freezing nights
Within the cold sorrowful chest
Of the broken desert
I want to be the radiance
That guides travellers lost
And dying
And be the hope
That eggs them on
I want to be the last goodbye
That fares them well
To the afterlife

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Just Under The Surface

You know?

Skin has a memory of its own as well. It tells stories. Personal. Private. It leans on your ear, and breathes heavily in your ear. A warm breath that hits your ear and cascades down your neck gently. And then whispers a story so private that you hid it within yourself. It reveals a secret so personal, you blushed when you heard it.

I have many a memories that surface out of nowhere. Recalled less often than you’d think they’d be. But they’re recalled all the same.

The warmth of your tears spreading though my shirt are still remembered by my chest. The lightness of your head resting on my lap as I stroked your head, are still remembered by my thighs. The firmness of your hand and the fragility of your fingers are still remembered by my once intertwined fingers. The tickling of your open hair as you drove and I sat behind are still remembered by my cheeks. A slight hint of the corner of your mouth are still remembered by my lips who were trying to kiss your cheeks with a bad aim.

Memories of your touch, erased in words but remembered by my skin, stored just under the surface. Revived. More often than you’d think they’d be.

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Without You

I am
The string without a kite
Blunt teeth with no bite
A singing mecaw with no voice
A jug of cold coffee without ice
I am
Winters without soup
Basketball without hoops
A pair of laces without shoes
A tree with no roots
I am
A tongue that cannot taste
Admirable talent went to waste
Because the truth, my dear, is
The world without you I cannot face