The Spoilt Brat!



Daily Prompt: Smoke

Like the haunting tale recalled,

Of the nightly beast that haunts.

The smoke he smoked went up and blurred

In rings it went and evanescence.

His mouth was shaped into an O,

As if the beast inside was trying to grow.

The ring resembled the moon so close

It threatened to change the moonless night.

His hissing blow shatters the silence,

Of the howling wolf his stance compares.

He smiles at us and shrugs his frame

But inside lays something that has had fame.

Atop he shows he doesn’t know.

Inside a joke with the beast he shares.


via Daily Prompt: Smoke

P.s.: Don’t smoke. It appears to be cool but it kills. Don’t smoke.


My head spins,

My body loosens up.

A lull falls o’er me

Tranquillity recedes upon me.

I feel jollier than ever before.

This bottle of aged love,

Mature alcohol.


Your love intoxicates me.

Vibrant Rain

The colours pop in rain.

Vibrant, bright, brilliant shades emerge from within

Everything, a tad more animate.


Get drunk on words,
Drown in eyes.

Talk silently.
Read her lips.

Trace the back of her palm with your fingers.
Kiss her chin.

Talk to her after she sleeps.
That’s what love is after all.


I was under the illusion
That she is the paper
And me being the pen
Was scratching her surface
To give her beautiful scars.
But now I know
That the paper was not she.
She was the ink.
Hiding behind my nib
But being the reason
I made my mark on the world.

I Sleep With My Eyes Open

I sleep with my eyes open.

But I don’t live with my eyes closed.

My dream stays awake with me.

Active inside me every second.

Passive lays the need to sleep,

Passive lays my fatigue.

I sleep with my eyes open.

To Dream unrealistically,

But stay in my senses to fulfil them.

I sleep with my eyes open.

And Dream.


Unbeknownst to me,

She was the tale I carried between my heart

Trapped between my lips

And at the tip of my tongue.

Unbeknownst to her,

I was the eccentric silent speaker

Who spoke with his mouth shut

And read the words unsaid.