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Climbing in with tired eyes
Pulling up the sheets to our chins
You turn your face to me
And whisper
“Take me home”
While unconsciously
Fluffing the pillow
Under your head

You open your eyes to look at me
And the room shines
As my heart floods with the warmth
Of a thousand suns

“Coming,” I whisper
As I roll on top of you
And stuff my arms under your back
Anchoring myself to the shore
So that I don’t float away in the sea
And get lost

I kiss both your cheeks
And shut the windows to your soul
With locks made from my lips
And bury my face in your neck
Nuzzling closer to you

I feel your arms
Ropes from the harbor
Tying me to land
Wrap around my back
And I hear a hint of a smile
In the warm breath you exhale down my neck
As you finally arrive
Your home


A not so good student along with a not so good athlete along with a not so cool musician. Pretty much insane.

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