Why Did I Stop Blogging and Scraped My Book Project?

So this has not been “officially” said, but I guess it’s a pretty obvious fact at this point that: 

  1. I have stopped blogging here at adwitiyadixit.wordpress.com and
  2. I have scraped the blog stories compilation book, “This Book Ate My Homework!”. Or at least temporarily suspended it.

And yes, today I accept both of the accusations and say that the rumors have been true. Let’s begin with why This Book Ate My Homework! has been suspended.

I began writing in a very casual manner. When I began writing, I was just bored and as I have always toyed with the idea of writing, I jumped on it. My stories very goofy and then, like every other teen, I went through a sappy phase and wrote ridiculously sappy stories.

I love them. And I know that a few of the readers and my friends and family love them too. But when I began compiling them and editing them, I realized that even though people who know me will enjoy it, people who don’t know me or have never transitioned with this blog will laugh and shoo me away as a naive or casual writer. 

The truth is that I take my stories a seriously and I also take my writing seriously. I just don’t want my work to be the reason why people don’t take me seriously. So at least temporarily, I have stopped any form of work on our blogs compilation book even though 30% of the book has made it through the second draft.

Now the elephant in the room. Why am I not blogging here? Why am I blogging on EtchedSecrets.Wordpress.com ? If I have a huge base here and I have published poems here before too, why not use this blog only?

Well… This blog is pretty much dead. I have had some great memories with this blog but the truth be told, it never performed. I know that the fault is majorly mine but the fault has also been on the other end. The traffic is not returning and somehow any efforts to resurrect this is not working. I began “When They Met…” with a lot of hopes but the failure of a baby project was too much. The first story that I wrote in the segment received ZERO views. That was just a bit too much to bear and I haven’t had the heart to write here again. 

Is that the end of this blog?

No. I have projects for this blog. I am even thinking of turning this into a personal website. Like an author’s website. But temporarily, this blog will not have any form of new content here. If you guys would like, I will post the poems from EtchedSecrets here too.

So am I temporarily ceasing to write? 

Not at all. I have a few surprises for you. My current work in progress is Withdrawal Effects. What happens when the strongest drug in the world, love, withdraws? It’s a novella. The largest piece I ever worked on. I have prepared a preliminary draft for it and after my exams I will be working on it. And also a project on which I have been sitting on for nearly two years! Dead Ravens. I can’t tell you a lot about these right now but soon you’ll have them.

So that’s about it for now. Let me know down below if you want to read my poems here too. And if you want me to revive this blog, then too leave a comment here.

Till then, take care.

So long.


– Adwitiya R Dixit


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