Our Pious Silence

I hold our silence pious.

It has a secret deep within itself which makes it as it is. Crawling around the room and peeking from the walls, it teases us. Then come tiptoeing and sits besides us. She likes to play with us. She comes in between our conversations and creates moments we might not forget.

Flushing our faces red and elongating our smiles. Making us shy. At these moments I think silence sits by us and with a gleeful expression looks at first my face then yours and then back and forth. She then pokes one of us with it’s finger and we break the glace between us cause we’re too shy to talk all of a sudden.

It seems like a sin to break our silence. Silence when I am in front of you and looking in your eye, our shoulders touching and the moon witnessing our moments and our hands find each other and entwine. Silence when you look up from your book at me and find my fingers not moving on the laptop anymore and my eyes fixated at your face with a warm feeling.

Silence. Our pious silence. She’s like an entity in from of whom we’re too shy to talk.

But when we break our silence, we create the most beautiful thing in the world. We build the wonder of the world, wonderful beyond the eight wonders. But our silence….




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