The Labyrinth

Lost within the labyrinth, there was once a lad. Tired and sick. Hungry. Lost. Wandering with a candle in his hand. The darkness had made him blind. The hunger had murdered his appetite. He was lost with no hope inside him to even hope for a hope. Struggling to stand up on his feet, struggling to take another breath, struggling to struggle furthermore. The lad was lost within the labyrinth of this world. Alone. In the darkness he lived. He was alone in the dark with his strength failing. He almost gave in to the labyrinth and let go of himself. He was on the edge from the edge to leap into void. He was on the verge of being on the verge to give up. He almost gave up to give up on life.

But then the angel saved him. At first the sight of light so bright bedazzled him. Initially he thought his end has come. Primarily he thought that the labyrinth was over. But then when she was just beside him he realized who she was. The angel quietly held his hand and stood him up. The angel held her hand and this encouraged the boy the continue walking. The boy for a few moments forgot everything and just looked at her. The Angel was luminescent and her luminescence illuminated the way.

But the lad then forgot to get out of the labyrinth and all he now wanted was the Angel. So he got stubborn and began to excuse himself from her to kill the time. So that the end does not comes and the angel’s task could remain incomplete and she can stay with him forever. A day came such that the lad fell to the floor and started to cry. Refused to budge. Proclaimed that this labyrinth now was all he knew and that his desire to survive has died as now he took joy in this struggle.

The angel then scolded him and he was left surprised. The angel stood up on her feet and produced pearlescent butterfly wings. She fluttered them and began to fly and this time, she was adamant on saving the lad. She pulled at his arm and dragged him to the rescue, she guided him towards the exit.

She refused to leave him alone for a second further now.


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