Chapter 4: Different

After I heard the remark made on me, I fixed my tie once again and with a final glance at the pillar, I resumed the walk towards my class once again. Something has been different about this morning. I feel a difference.

I see things which I have never seen before and somehow my feet feel lighter. I find a natural hop in my steps and I swear that this hop is a manifestation I am not acquainted with. I walk through the gallery and I notice a difference in  my glance. I am no longer just taking a glance but I am observing.

Observing things which have never taken into consideration earlier. I have been observant in my life and share the skill of philosophizing with every common man. I can take a walk in the park and observe the beauty of the rose with a simile. I can fish at the side of a lake and observe the reflections on the surface; and appreciate them with a metaphor or two. I can happen to be at an art gallery and appreciate a painting by Van Gogh and shed my opinion on his strokes in figurative speech. I can do so but I never felt the need to do so. I am contented in what I have and I am contented.Yes, I am.

But this contention now seems to have evaporated.

I am observing way more than I ever would have done, as back as half an hour ago. It really is something to be at the right place at the right time. Wait a second! Am I musing too! Something has changed.

As I walk down the hallway, I see the beauty in the hair of a final year student. I see an amazing smile on the face of a boy I punished last year. I see a replicated Statue of Liberty in the key ring of the lad walking ahead of me. I see laughter. I see joy and pleasure around me. I see contented faces. I stop in from of the ghost reflection of the window glass of the class and see a smile on my face.

I look around and for the first time I don’t see fear in the eyes of my students for me.

Something is different.


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