Chapter 3: Smile

I stood still before the pillar and wondered about her. Who could have thought of hiding in this giant hall? And her eyes. So lively. Full of life. Those eyes made me wonder about the universe but got my feet tied onto the ground. My mind fluttered light and my feet hot heavy and tied.

Wait a second. Am I rhyming? I think I did rhyme. That’s something new. Never in my forty six years did I rhyme before and keeping in mind my affiliation with the subject I teach, I should have been creative at the very least. But then why now?

Her eyes! They talked. Trust me, they talk. They promise secrets and ensure you that no matter how wrong things may appear, they will always be alright again.

Who is she? She’s definitely from the new batch. I’ve got to know her. Wait! I have to teach her right now!

“Is that Mr. Grey? Wait is he smiling! I’ve never seen him do so!”, I heard someone say so and I realized that I still stood in front of the pillar, staring at it, musing and yes indeed. Smiling.


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