What You Did Till Now?

You look at me and smile a huge smile. From ear to ear. “I am so sorry. I had a class and that’s why I had to go. Now I am free.”

You come to me in a cocktail of a walk and jog. Impatient to come to me but didn’t want to show. You come and hold my hand and lean on my shoulder. Too shy to hug me but didn’t want to stay any further than a hug. These little things are what make you you. Your personal judgements and these little actions.

And me? I am in heaven. If I am with you then I am in heaven. But living in two separate states with different languages, both of us bilingual, has some toll on us. I have come to meet you in a state the language of which I barely understand.

“I understand Sugar. Studies should be taken with respect and no fooling around with them.”, I say as I place my arm on your shoulder.

“Yes. But what did you do till now?”, you ask me.

“I? Well I was in the food court of the mall sipping my coffee and reading a book. But…”

You smile in anticipation of a witty remark from me and you were not disappointed.

“But do people of this state really drink this much?”

“What?”, you asked me with surprise.

“Yes. I was watching the Tele and the music channels played songs which were only and only alcohol based.”

“Don’t mind. The music here is really based only on alcohol. By the way how do you know what the song was about? You don’t understand the language.”

“Well the guy in every video was mumbling something and falling. I just guessed he is talking about alcohol.”, I say smiling sheepishly and you laughed so loud.

Music to my ears.


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