First Incidence Report

I am here to lodge a complain,

A theft has happened but no loss or pain.

It happened earlier when I was down the lane

I had to reach college and take a train.

Aboard was she and her little gang,

Together but not still a band.

Despite the fact that they were intact,

They didn’t rob but it was a solo act.

She drew out her weapon from underneath the sheath

The weapon was kept in a scabbard of skin.

Her eyes dark as night hooked on to me

And her soul and done the deed to me.

I bled and bled under her attack

but she kept it going no pause to snack.

I couldn’t pull away from the act

And she too kept hooked her glance.

With no word of warning and I didn’t counteract.

She is a thief and she stole my heart.


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