Chapter 1: Grumpy

You just don’t get a title. The name you have been using as a kid does not easily fade away. The name you were christened in your church does not switch with a tag which follows you overnight. You have to earn your confidence, prove you’re worthy enough for it and once again ensure them that the title won’t be a waste; and after you have done all of this, then and only then can you achieve a title.


Titles are not a game for kids but serious business. Titles stick with you for years and the future generations which follow you mostly don’t even recall your name but your title. Titles are despite of all the efforts you may divulge into it, senseless, seamless and cold. You probably won’t accept the title for yourself and that makes the public embrace the title they provided you.


I am walking on the path I have trodden for ages and looking around me I see the pestering little trumpets rumbling around me. Acting “Hip” as they say it. A hip girdle for all I could care but I look around me and across the soccer field and think to myself, “A new chapter has begun in the history of the Herford university. A new game of chess with the pawns in position is ready for a new battle. A new morning and the flowers blooming to a new season of Spring. They would talk to themselves and a new era would begin with dynasties and wars. Exchanging titles in the war of wars. A new game of chess for them.”

Those who are the new beginners will be facing again a master. The new kids lay around the field and talked amongst themselves. The newbies. Amateurs. Kids. Puny babies.

A senior year kid passes me and wishes me morning. I stop in my tracks and gave him a glare. “Mud on your shoes and sweat on the shirt. And moreover you say that the morning is Good.”, I say and continue.

The Grandmaster of this war and the face behind every trouble. The sharpest and the smartest. The refined petroleum oil and the eagle of the skies and the wolf of the earth.

The other side which these newbies have to face. Me. Grumpy; and the title that has always been true.


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