Sorry Note

I am sorry
For I have no present to bestow
Even on this special occasion
I can’t find something to show
How much I love you

I am sorry I really am
I could say it’s because my love is great
Which in fact is o so true
But we know that it’d be an excuse
And we know I dislike to make them too

I am sorry but it’s so true
The fault’s not in me but it’s in you
I tried to find a gift for you
But how to If it’s not greater than you
It’d be an offering otherwise

I could give you a rose but it’s so unlike you
The beauty of rose is inside you
But unlike a rose you’re not a decoy
To sell harm under a guise
And if it’s unlike you how can I gift
For a gift should always be greater than you

I could give you a book but it’s so bore
For a book Has a theme and so monotone
All words wise but no paints and gramophone
And you on the other hand are so true
With songs and paints and wisdom too

I could give you a toy but it would be sad
As it would be to give you dead
A frozen in time being with an expression fixed
Eyes so dead and his face transfixed
And anyway it doesn’t matter
As it won’t be prettier than you

I could of course sing you a song
But what good is it, if I know it’ll be wrong
For nothing ever can compare to you
Word or tone all inferior to you
And either way it wouldn’t matter
Word or tone I wouldn’t handle

I sat with this pen to pen you a poem
To justify your beauty with Cleopatra
To match your wit with Beatrice
To show that even Venus is jealous of you
But neither words nor sense could handle you
I thought I’d write you a poem for sure
But it couldn’t handle how you inspire

So here I am with this soliloquy
With a heavy heart an apology
I tried to find a gift for you
And its so true (So so so true)
Nothing on this planet can’t compare to you

I am sorry I really am
But I don’t have a present for you
And the fault’s not in me
But only and only in you


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