But You Can’t

I love to write. Specially when we are sitting like this. In fact, this position might be my favourite ever. If I could I would just sit here in this position till the end arrives and still bid farewell to the end. You focused on your book, probably learning about a new way to save a life and my head in your lap with my knees raised to poise up the laptop. Your fingers passing through my locks and me cherishing this moment and as I mentioned before, this position.

Tapping the ash from his cigarette, Ashley lay his eyes on the man kneeling in front of him and said, “I don’t forgive and I never forget.” Looking at the man from under the rim of his fedora.

“But you can’t.”, you said to me and I looked up to look into your eyes. You had a stern gaze fixed on the screen and you once again repeated yourself. “You can’t.”

I sat straight and held your face in my palms. Looking into your eyes I asked, “What happened?”

“You can’t make a character smoke.”, you said to me and I smiled to ease the tension.

“Don’t worry Angel. It’s not a positive character. He’s the dark, negative character. The cigarette will give him a meaner appearance, don’t you think?”

“Not at all. Listen to me Al. You’re an author. Your reach and grip on people is strong. You can bring a change in the society. Remember the pen is mightier than the sword. But Al, it is a trouble of destruction too. You may influence the reader to smoke, don’t make him smoke.”, you say to me in a light voice which is so soft with emotion but has an iron strength within itself.

My guardian angel. I often say that I am the three wise men and she is the guiding star. Leading me towards a sensible proposition and making me wiser and more humane. The one who always corrects me and shows me the right path.

I lean across to kiss your cheek and promise to never do the mistake again.


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