Al Junior – II

Clinging on to my arm, with not even a word uttered from your mouth, I knew what you were thinking. I knew that even though we met barely ten minutes ago and the time was yet hours away, my Angel was thinking about the moment I have to leave again for the city where I live.

18 hours away. States apart. I might return in as much as 7 months. For only a day or two. And despite the fact that I arrived less than 15 minutes ago, my adorable Angel was clinging on to my arm and thinking what will happen after I leave again to my residence.

And I sat there, on a bench across the 12D theatre maze on the 3rd landing of the mall and thought of ways in which I can make my Angel smile. Even though I had millions of them, it can be a tricky thing to do as most of them would make her sentimental and make her weep.

“It’s unfair.”, I say and you loosen your grip just enough to look at my face. “You always ruin my surprises.”

You look at me with a slight smile and I know that you aren’t much thrilled by the idea of a surprise and honestly who would be in your situation?

“What do you call me affectionately?”, I asked and your smile broadened.

“My Teddy Bear.”

“I brought you something. Someone who will be with you here when I am not. An Al junior.”, I said and brought forth a tiny little teddy bear hanging from a keychain and his arms extended as if a kid asking for hug.

“You like it?”, I say to tease you.

“I love this tiny Al junior.”, you say.

“And me?”, I ask pushing your face up to make our eyes meet.

“The most.”, you say and once again cling close to be by my arm.


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