Best Invention Ever?

We got off from the public transport and our Angel paid for it. I know being chivalrous and all but Angel feels comfortable in sharing the bill. She likes to be in charge of the situation always. Well mostly she likes to.

Mall. I like malls but after meeting my future wife for the first time in a mall, I like them a tad bit more. Maybe more than just a tad bit. She looks at me and I ask her to halt and walk while crossing the road. I don’t want you to be flatbread, I joked.

We entered the main gates and looking at the guard reminded me of the security check and I whispered “I will be going to jail now.”

Angel heard it and asked me what’s wrong.

“Promise me you won’t scold me and I will tell you. I have a lighter in my bag.”, I said and you looked shocked. “I don’t smoke. I really don’t. It’s just that a lighter leaves me awestruck and it’s such an awesome invention.”

“What are you talking about?”, you said a bit perplexed.

“See. The lighter is an awesome invention. The wheel up above mimics the action of a fire stone to produce spark. The small button below releases the trapped gas and Voilà! You have the most important discovery for the humans. Fire. The gauze prevent the air to push off the flame down the bridge of existence and shutting the top cuts of the oxygen to kill the flame. This much awesome in that tiny package. It’s awesome!” I said as I handed the bag to the security guard for the checking.

Somehow he missed the invention so near and dear to me. Somehow I managed to stop giggling to be near my dearest and not in jail.

I wonder if he would have caught the lighter would I be in jail? Hmmm.


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