“Basking in the sun is weird.”, I said to you and you looked at me; amazed. You knew that another one of my weird philosophical thoughts was on the way. We were basking in the sun as the people say it. “Sun”bathing.

“If we technically are Sunbathing, what sort of bath is it? As of now we are taking a bubble bath? And when we walk from the car to the building we take a quick shower. No no. It would be like getting through a park with the sprinkler watering the grass and getting soaked right? Sunbathing is weird.”, I said and all of you started laughing.

“Here. Let me help you.”, you say and a curtain of shadow falls over me.

“Ahh. Heaven.”, I say and open my eyes. There’s my Angel. The sun forming a halo around you. Giving you the heavenly feature you deserve. You have lowered your hair so that I get out of the sun.

Cafuné. My favourite activity. I adore doing this.

“Cafuné.”, I say it out loud and my fingers run through your hair. From the base to the end. Gently and affectionately.

“What Al?”, you asked me.

“Brazilian Portuguese. It means to run ones finger through someone else’s hair as a gesture of Amor.”, I say and we share a secret smile.

“Your hair are horrible. You need a hair cut.”,  mom says and go back to the shower momentarily.

“What! No! Why? I mean she’s healthy and happy with her hair, why cut it?”, I ask.

“Who’ll do the hair care? And who will manage them so long?”, mom says and I look at you smiling at me. You knew the answer.

“If she wants to keep long hair I will care. And why are we discussing it? Her hair. Her desire.”, I said and entered back into the heaven.

“Don’t tease Al mom.”, you say and you both start laughing.

“By the way.”, I whispered to you. “I think you’d look cute in short hair.”


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