My Angel Had A Long Day At Work

“Open your mouth Angel. This is the last morsel I promise. Last one. Just last. That’s my good wife. Thankew for eating Angel.”, I said as I fed you the apparent last morsel with my hands.

The doors to your eyes are closing against your will but if I will ask you are you sleepy, being my persistent and stubborn wife, you’ll say “No Al. I am not sleepy. Not at all!”

I walk over to you and engage you in conversation. “Today I painted the skyline of a city by the shore. Foggy and invisible mostly. Just a faint outline in greyscale.”, I said as I tugged at your shoe laces.

“Wow. My talented Al. Show me, show me!”, you say not realizing I took your shoes off.

“Yes my Angel. Look at the canvas behind me. Just beside the stool. It’s on the paperboard still.”, I say as I slowly slip off your socks too.

“Wow. It’s beautiful Al. Really. I love it.”, you say as you admire it.

I push you gently at the waist so that your head is on the pillow. I bring my face in front of you as I place the blanket over you and look into your bloodshot eyes. “And me?”, I say.

Your fingers run through the front of my hair and fix them. Continuing that motion your palms rest on both my cheeks. “I love you the most my crazy Al.”

“I love you too my darling Angel.”, I say and get myself back on the chair.

“My Angel had a long day at work so no talk of Angel’s work today. Today I will tell you what I wrote on the on going novel.”, I said and looked at you.

Your eyes were closed but you were still awake. You opened your eyes with an effort and say yes to me and your eyelids again lose the battle against sleep.

“Earlier I thought about what to do with the hero. He is naive and funny to balance the serious and philosophical heroine. But it would get too extreme in same story no? So I thought lets do something new. I then added a new character to be their friend so that they can both be overlooked at.”, I provide you knowledge of mumbo jumbo and look at you and sure enough, you’re asleep.

A smile dances on my lips and I stand up from the stool quietly. I turn off the lights and tiptoe myself besides you. I rest my head on your clavicle and embrace you. “My beautiful Angel had a long day today at work. I love you.”, I said as I continued to tell you what happened after the new character entered the story.


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