After The Sun Goes Down

“Now open your eyes.”, Al said removing his hand from my eyes.

And I see nothing. Yup. I closed my eyes and opened them again and the only thing that was visible was the faint outline of the wall before me.

“Al. I see nothing.”, I said. “Have you done something to my sight?”

“No. No. The lights are out.”, he said and sounded excited.

“Am I missing something Al? What is so awesome about our dark room with no night?”, I asked him and he laughed.

“Come.”, he said and lead me to the bed slowly. He sat me on the foot of of the bed and asked me to wait. From his foot steps he appeared to have went to the head of the bed.

“Welcome, dear spectator to a show…. Of….. Shadows!”, he said and opened a torch. Invisible as he was behind me and in between all this darkness all I saw was a halo of white and five fingers and a palm.

For a long time Al told me a story. A story with birds and dogs. Shadow puppets. I laughed and laughed.

In between all of a sudden Al turned off the torch. And when he opened it again no animal was on the waal. With both his hands he had made a heart. “I love you my personal angel.”, he whispered in my ear and hugged me from behind.

“I love you too my crazy Al.”, I said and leaned on him.

“Let me teach you how to make a dog first.”, he said and in the same position showed me how to make a dog.

Silly Al. Always doing something a tad bit more silly.

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