“I want that.”, Al said pointing his finger to the game store. “I want to have more of those stunt games.”

“Al you remember last week na?”, I said stopping in my path to look into his eyes. I don’t like to refuse him but sometimes he wishes like a child. Naïvely. “You already bought a few last week. We can’t buy them now.”

“But. You like them.”, he said having confused painted all over his face.

“I love you more, Al. We will buy them next week. Promise. Not now Al, please.”, I say and he says he loves me too and starts walking towards home. His attention to detail is something of both amusement and shock. It’s good when he is working but if I picks something up, he does it in extreme.

Extreme motocross gaming his new interest, it’s important to stop him. Or he’ll hunt every single game down.

“I want.”, he said and stopped.

O no. I thought to myself, his stubborn streak. An almost six feet tall man, with a stubborn looks odd jumping up and down being stubborn.

“I want I want I want.”, he said and looked and me.


“I’ll take my shoes off and walk barefooted.”, he said to me and looked at me smiling. Now he didn’t want the game. Now he wanted to just be stubborn.

My crazy Al. God only knows how to win from him.


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