You Made Me Shy

“And bury me deep inside, your heart.”, he said and pointed his finger at me and I hide my face behind my hands.

It’s unbelievable the transformation in Al when I am around. He morphs from this shy, quiet and mischievous guy to a piece of Potassium kept outside of the brown bottle. Over active.

When I tell someone who knew Al before me about his this side, they don’t believe me at all.

“All I ever want-ae-ee-aad was you my love.”, he closed his eyes and sang higher notes. Which were not at all melodic. Walking around the shopping complex, he saw the podium which gave prizes and he was the first to participate. And I would give him this much credit, he pulled in a crowd!

Even more scary for me. Confessing his love through a H.I.M. song in between public. He’s making me blush.

“He is so in love with you.”, said a granny standing beside me and patted my back, flushing me a deep red.

“Angel! See I got fans! How did you feel it, baba?”, he asked as he was crowd surfing his way to me.

“You made me shy.”, I said and hid myself in his arms.

My silly Al.


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