“Angel, you think we should move this white teddy…”, I was saying but you interrupt me.

“His name is Flake.”, you say and snatch it from me.

“Okay baby.”, I say smiling. “Flake should sit on the glass case in drawing room?”

“No. Only with me. Only with me.”, you say snuggling yourself closer to the soft toy.

“And him? What’s his name?”, I asked you fishing out the black one from the shopping bag.

“It’s not he. She. She’s Beauty.”, you say snatch Beauty too from me.

“She’ll stay with you too?”, I said smiling huge.

“Yes.”, you say snuggling both closer.

“And me?”, I asked opening my arms to invite you for a hug.

You drop both Flake and Beauty to embrace me. “You are my teddy bear.” You said and I started making faces.

“What are you doing teddy bear?”, you ask confused.

“I am teasing Flake and Beauty.”, I said and you burst out laughing.


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