You Explain

Howling with laughter you looked at me and at mom in turns and laughing again. This ad infinitum cycle was suspected to never end.

How do I explain to mom what I was doing? The teddy bear in my one hand and the giraffe in other, I made them fight.

“And Ted then jumped up on Ralph”, the bear eraser sat on top of the giraffe eraser, “and punched his neck.”

Pow! Pow!

I force the rubber hands of the bear to formulate a punch like action.

“And Ralph knocks out.”, I said and drop the giraffe to the ground.

Ha ha ha! Said Ted. That’s what you get for messing with me.“, I said as you started laughing at the too of your lungs.

And now mom is asking me to explain what am I doing.

You explain to mom, I can’t.


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