Very Bad

“Show me.”, I said and you shook your head in a no.

“Angel. Show me.”, I said again and you did nothing. I reach for your hand and you clenched the fist tighter.

“Open it Angel.”, I said in a stern tone and you looked at me. Big doe eyes which were filled with big fat tears and that melt me.

“Aww Angel, please don’t cry.”, I say and hug you.

“You are angry at me.”, you said and hid your head at my neck and I giggled.

“No.”, I said and giggled again. You retracted yourself but only as much to put your eyes deep inside of me.

“Why are you laughing?”, you ask and I turn red in embarrassment.

“Um it’s nothing…”, I say and you continue to look inside my eyes.

“Okay okay. I am telling. Your hair tickled me.”, I said and you started laughing. “What?”, I ask.

The response which I got was adequate and torturous. Angel’s famous, tickle attack. After tickling she let out a little whimper of pain and sat holding her wrist.

“From now on. No cooking alone for you. You burn yourself.”, I say and you open your mouth to argue.

“No. No ifs and no buts. That’s final. At least for a week no cooking alone. Then we will negotiate.”, I said.

As you knew you would be able to talk me out of it,you smiled huge and thanked me in the medium of a hug.


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