I took you up in a piggy back and slowly slowly took you to the dining room. The plates and cutlery were preset, not that I will use it though and mom was coming soon.

I took you past the room and knocked on the door of mom’s room.

“Breakfast is ready mom, come outside. Let’s eat. Angel is hungry.”, I said and took you back to the room and sat you on the table.

And then came mom from her room. “At least sit on the chair Angel.”, she says.

“Mom please don’t scold her. I sat her there. Can I please sit here there? Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeease? I will take care of your daughter I promise. Please?”, I say not hearing anything against my will.

“Okay okay. Why are you so stubborn?”, she says and smiles.

I took a bite sized morsel and fed it to you. Still half in sleep you rubbed your eye as you ate.

“You’re looking beautiful Angel.”, I say and you pass me a shy smile and mom again looks at me and smiles.

“So what’s for brea…… Again?”, mom asked and looked at me.

“Yes. My Angel asked for them this morning in breakfast.”, I said as I fed you another morsel. Almost too sleepy to react to anything, you preferred to stay mum on the topic.

“But we had this for dinner! And for lunch. And if I remember also for breakfast yesterday!”, mom says as she serves herself a serving of the breakfast I made.

“She loves them. And that’s all I know.”, I say and look into your eyes as my fingers get caught between your teeth as you bite me intentionally to tell me that you’re awake.

For a while it seems that time has stopped. Your eyes are all that I see for a long time. “Good morning Angel.”, I say as lightly as possible and you wish me morning as well.

We both look at mom the same time and find her smiling.

“Don’t pamper her this much.”, mom says. “I know her since she was born.”

“I will. I will I will I will. I wiiiiiiiiiiiillllll.”, I say and you laugh as mom’s Okay okay stubborn fade in the background.

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