“Al, I told you to not stand dripping wet in the air conditioner.”, you say as your fingers run through my hair.

“Yes Angel.”, came my muffled voice.

“And what happened then?”, you asked clearly parting my hair and removing then from my forehead.

“Ai go sic.”, I say. My nose running away from me and my head heavy, you tap my head slightly in a mock slap.

“What you did?”, you asked and stroked my forehead.

“Go in ayr condishno.”, I said. “A. A. Aa. Achoon!

You pick up the handkerchief from the bed side table and as if I was three, you asked me to blow my nose. “I hope you now know the lesson.”, you say embracing me.

“I do. Buu…”, I said and you looked at me.

“But what Al?”, you ask.

“Bu a to nee iceeceam.”, I say as nose was blocked.

“You are crazy, Al.”

“Aa no. Sins chil”, I said and you laughed and hugged me.

Even cold is fun near you.

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