It was the aftermath. The follow-up done by the cold cold situation. The plant. The white rose plant. The white rose plant potted in that terracotta pot, which sat on the windowsill of the drawing and was planted by us. The very same plant we potted together.

The plant. The plant. The plant.

The plant was dead. We’ve been desperately operating on the plant, trying to save it. Alas, death took the plant with him.

You sat on the exact same windowsill and baked yourself in the morning rays. No amount of Alexi, our cat, could coax a smile on her face. Not even your favorite breakfast or your favorite cold coffee. All failed.

Well. Desperate times call for desperate measures!

“Angel.”, I said and you turned to look at me.

“Smile. Pleeeeeeeeease?”, I said and with every e in the pleeeeeeeeease, my eyes got closer and closer and closer to the tip of my nose.

Always works. Even today. You smiled a big smile and said, “No.” resuming your stare out of the window.

“Wow. It’s our lucky day! I am so glad this happened. I got to hear one of the infamous dialogues of Angel! Now the next two pleeeeeeeeease?”, I said and you started laughing.

I hugged you closer and promised to plant a new one.

Even though I don’t like to see you sad, I love to see you transcend from sorrow to joy angel.


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