“Is That For Real?”

Angel was sitting next to ne on the pavement and we both mimicked the action if the other. Our heads rested on our palms and my left arm was looped around her right arm. In between the two arms a butterscotch Cornetto made a journey again and again. To and fro and to and fro. Interestingly so were our heads.

A couple was fighting just outside the icecream parlor on what flavor to eat.

And like spectators in a ping pong match, our heads went from left to right. Right to left. Left to right.

“I don’t want your strawberry.”, the boy said.
“I don’t want your mint.”, said she and the cone met his nose.

We both looked at the scene and then at each other. And the again at them.

Goes the strawberry in her hair and we exchanged glances again.

“Hey bro!”, I said and both the boy and the girl turned to look at me.

“Why don’t you try drinking coffee instead?”, I said from the pavement and they most lunged at us to kill.

After we ran away from them to safety and you laughed at this incident for full five minutes, we looked at each other.

“Was that for real, Al?”, you ask and keep your head on my shoulder as we started trotting our way home.

“Probably not. Who behaves like that!“, I said and we moved on to our home. Little do we realize that they ask the same for us.


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