Dearest Angel,

I know that I am not so good at spoken arts than at the skill of writing and therefore I want to give this letter to you.

Since ages many lovers have claimed why they are special. They claim that they are the best. But they’re them.

Angel I am not the greatest man you’ll ever see. I also know that I am not the most handsome person. I am just another ordinary guy. In fact Angel, I might be low on good looks. I might also be crazy. I am not the grandest man you’ll ever meet.

But I know that you see me different. You find me the best man ever. You also see that I am the world’s most handsome prince charming. And I want to thank you for that.

I will never let your day be bland. I will make it spicy, sweet, sour maybe even bitter; but never bland. I will write you poems and read you bedtime tales. I will cook you food and paint your hair. Because Angel even thought I am not great, I assure you that my love will be great.

And I have a reason to brag that.

You would meet many who will say, “Your presence is like the sun”. But only I will say to you,

The sun shines like you.

I love you.

Your’s forever and ever and ever,


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