Seek The Hidden

“Find, find, find.”, I said giggling.

Angel ran here and ran there. Excited. The aim was simple. Find three balls. Seems simple. Quite not. I twist almost everything; how could’ve I left this?

“Al I got only one ball.”, she said and I smiled big.

“Throw it.”, I said and she did and…
And the ball turned to dust revealing a paper.

Cinderella once she lost her shoe,
With me you have your next clue.

“What is this Al?”, she said and her excitement dissipated.

“A clue.”, I said.

“You knew I won’t be able to solve this. You won. I forfeit.”

“No no no. I will help you na. I am helping, I am helping. Don’t give up.”

“Really?”, she said looking dubious.

“Yes. Yeah why not.”, I said relieved. “Cinderella lost her what?”

“Shoe.”, you said.

“And where you don’t look anything which is mine? The shoerack!”

“Really?”, you ask.

“Yes.”, I said. I know it was a bit far fetched but I know you’d believe me.

You run to my shoerack and find a box with yet another note. You made a face but I insisted you to read it.

She lost her shoe but so not true,
I stole it off to give to you.

“What’s inside the box Al?”, you asked.

“I got you Converse high tops. Green ones.”, I said and it made you smile huge.

Sometimes giving a surprise is difficult.

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