We sitting sitting in our room. Technically speaking only you are. We are talking to each other as you are fixing the bed and on the couch I am having my waist and legs on the couch and my torso hanging down. Outside the door to balcony I am describing you the greys. I am making you a story when I noticed something in the sky.

“Angel?”, I said.

You turned and you started tickling my skin exposed from my stretched position. I laugh and pull you in order to start a tickle fight.

After all the commotion ended, I once again whispered in your ear, “Angel?”

“Hmm?”, you said.

“It’s raining.”

You gloom up and sit while holding your knees close. Rain always made you sad. Fortunately this is the first rain we’ll see together.

“Come.”, I said.

You look at me with the gloomy expression and say where. In reply I grab hold your wrist and take you to the porch cum balcony out in the drizzle.

“Al we’ll get sick. Let’s go in!”, you said and pulled at the wrist.

I pulled your hand and in a half waltz spinned you into an embrace.

“You’re the doctor, ma’am. We’ll be just fine. Let’s dance in the rain.”, I said and did a curtsy bow to ask for your hand just as the rain got heavier.

You took your hand in mine with a broad grin on your face.

And I knew, the rain won’t make you sad ever again.


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