“Al. Al. Al. Al. Listen to me.”, you said shaking me with every word you omit.

“Okay okay. What happened?”, I asked.

“Al, I found this wonderful thing!”, you said with your eyes wide and your grin wide. You’re restless and all these signs point that you’re excited.

“What you found?”, I asked.

“See. There this one day fast to be kept on the new moon which will make sure you live a long life. It’s kept by wives. Can I keep it too? Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeease Al! Pleeeeeeeeease.”, you say.

“Wait a minute. Fasting for a day?”, I asked.

“Yes Al.”, you said.

“That too for my long life. No. I can’t let you be hungry for a whole day just cause it might increase my age.”, I said.

“But Al you will get a long life.”, you said, the excitement was ebbing away as you realized that I am not going to let you stay hungry and thirsty for a whole day.

“Not at all Angel. That’s final.”, I said and you faced away from me. You were definitely mad at me.

“Angel listen na. Why do you need to do this? You’re here with me. You tackle my problems yourself. And you’re my doctor also, you don’t let me get sick. That’ll help me more than the fast na?”, I said trying to make you understand.

“I don’t know. All I know is that I want to do this for you.”, you said teary at the rejection. Stubborn but won’t say anything after the rejection. What could’ve I done after that tear? I had to allow.

“One condition though.”, I said.

“What?”, you asked immediately excited again.

“I’ll keep it with you.”

“But Al..”

“No if and buts. Either both or none.”, I said.

“Okay done. Stubborn.” , you said and embraced me.

“Why were you not allowing me to keep it?”, you asked still embracing me.

“I can’t let you be hungry for one full day.”, I said.

Also that if I won’t keep it for your long life, what will I do with my longevity? I thought.


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