Me! Pick me!

I was walking down the groceries aisle and was cross-checking the checklist with the cart when I heard something. It wasn’t very loud but not too faint either. It was just barely audible.

Pssssst!, it came again and I turned my head in the direction of the source. Moreover Al too has gone in search of an item on checklist. When I see from where the voice is coming, it shocks me.

The aisle on which I had my back was an aisle of toys and a big, cream coated, and cuddly teddy bear was ‘pssst’ing at me. I looked at the toy and thought that I am being paranoid but then again I hear it speaking.

“Good morning ma’am.”, it is in no more than a whisper.

“Morning.”, I reply.

“You have bought a list with you?”, he asked me.

“Yes. Why?”, I ask him.

“I am sure you have a big, fat, handsome, honey eating teddy bear jotted down too. Pick me up, I am that bear.”, he says.

I giggle a bit then say, “But I don’t have a big, fat, handsome teddy on my list Teddy.”

“Please? Please please please please please?”, he said.

“But I already have many of teddies.”, I say.

“Look at that giraffe two rows below? He bullies me. And the other teddies tease me. I don’t even have a girlfriend here. Take me with you pleeeeeeeeease?”, he said.

I leaned back and saw the intersection to go to the other aisle. I peeked through that and saw Al. On his knees and whispering to the other side.

“I won’t tease you I promise.”, he whispered and was giggling to himself. Then he looked straight ahead and our eyes interlocked. I started laughing loudly and he was grinning.

“We have many of these Al.”, I said to him.

“Then buy let me buy this one for me. Please? I will let you also play with it.”, he said.

“Okay okay. You’re totally crazy Al.”, I said as I hugged him.

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