When you opened your eyes this morning I was stroking my finger on your cheekbones. Your eyes opened and you saw me looking intensely into your eyes.

“Morning.”, I say my voice husky.

“Good morning Al.”, you saw resting my hand above the pillow and using it as a pillow. My other hand holds your hand gently and you can’t help but smile hugely.

“Want to be up?”, I ask.

“Not yet. Why?”

“Today’s special. Come I’ll take you to the sink.”, I say. Perplexed you get up and I swing you back my back and turn you into a backpack. I bounce my way to the bathroom as you rest your head against mine.

I sat you on the platform and took your brush.

“Al I am an adult. I can do this.”, you say smiling.

“You’re a kid and always will be.”, I say applying paste on the brush.

“But Al.”, you say but I interrupt your sentence by saying Aaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

You open your mouth and I gently brush your teeth.

“Why do you insist on doing this?”, you ask smiling once all the things were done.

“So that all you can see and focus on is me.”, I say towel drying your mouth.

“Al why are you pampering me so much today?”, you say once again on the back.

I tuck you back in the bed and lay beside you. As you look into my eyes with my palm again your pillow, I answered the question you ask.

“It’s been a long while since I told you how special you are. You’re the kid and you’re my daughter forever. I feel like pampering you all day but I know that due to work I am not able to show you. I always want to pamper you.”, I say.

You smile a gigantic smile and look into my eyes and blush.

You finally say, “I already know Al. You don’t have to show it, I understand you.”


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