“How did that happen?”, Al asked looking at my slightly bleeding lip.

“It got between my teeth while eating food Al.”, I say walking towards him and embracing him.

He was patting my head when he said something utterly ridiculous. “Want me to apply Soframycin on it?”

“Are you crazy Al?”, I asked almost infuriated.

“I apply it myself angel, want me to apply for you?”, he said.

In that instant he morphed my emotions. From anger to panic.

“Are you really crazy? You really apply Soframycin on your lips?”, I asked.

Al just looked at me his eyes wide-open and his mouth was twisted.

“It’s lethal Al, you could’ve died for doing something that silly! You could’ve at least read the instructions Al, on it it’s written clearly For external use only. You could’ve died!”, I said and Al was looking at me.

“Can I hug you?”, Al asked.

“Yes. What will happen of me if you die? Huh? Take some care na Al. Promise me that you will never do this again.”

“I promise angel.” he said to me.

After I had calmed down and he was still hugging me, he said, “Can I tell you something?”

“Sure Al.”

“I think I got confused between Soframycin and glycerin tube.”, he said smiling.

I retracted myself from the embrace and looked at him. He was smiling and his cheeks had flushed red in the realization. I picked up a pillow and started beating him.

“Al are you crazy? You scared me so much! I will kill you today.”, I said and started laughing at his silliness.

Initially he took the beating but then he engaged a pillow fight, which lead to both our scolding from mom.

Crazy silly Al.


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