A Sad Sad Day

I was at the hospital door when you came out looking visually disturbed. You come near me and rest your head on my forehead and say, “Let’s drive back home.”

I take you to the car and buckle you up. You were still holding my hand while I was driving and all so silent. “What happened angel?”, I asked.

“Nothing. I’ll tell you later.”, you said and gripped my hand tighter, afraid to let go.

All through the drive to the home you were silent. After we reached home and parked the car in garage, I unbuckled you and gave you a piggyback inside the house. Today you clung like a little monkey afraid to let go. We greeted mom a high and went to our room.

“What happened?”, I asked with both your palms in mine.

“Uncle S.”, you say and your eyes brim up.

O no. I think to myself.

“Uncle S from the other department na? The cancer patient uncle S?”, I ask you and you nod in a tiny agreement.

“What happened to Uncle S?”, I asked.

“He’s gone.”, you say and your eyes start to rain.

I pull you into my arms and give you a bear hug trying to console you.

“He’s gone, Al. He’s gone.”, you say and hug me tighter.

“But he was suffering a lot of pain na?”, I ask.

“Yes.”, you say.

“Then? Remember my Yin Yang philosophy? All his pains and sorrows and suffering has now lulled themselves to a peaceful sleep na?” I ask.

“Yes.”, you say.

“Then why be sad for his peace, doctor?”, I ask you and keep explaining.

I lulled you to sleep and talked to you in your sleep. I refrained mom from entering the room twice and didn’t realize when I too succumbed to sleep on you.

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