Chop Chop Chop

I sat you on the stool before the kitchen top and went over the other side and began my elaborate magic trick. I placed the chef apron on me and placed all the knives in the respective pockets.

I began to take out a pan and noticed that you have taken out a knife too. I quickly place the pan on the heat and take the cabbage from the top.

You pick up the zucchini and I take that too from your hand. You eye me and take the yellow bell pepper from the top but before you even touch it with your knife I take that too from you gently.

So with the tomatoes which you pick up next. You sat the knife down and see me toss the tomatoes and bell pepper in the pan. You see me take up the red cabbage next and you see me in faux anger.

“Let me also chop something na till you are chopping. I want to help you. You take the vegetable from me even before you finish chopping the previous one.”, you complain.

“That’s cause my previous vegetable is already chopped up.”, I say serving you your red and green cabbage salad as you love. I show you the chopping board on which all the vegetables are neatly chopped coarsely.

“You did those right now?”, you ask.

“Well only partially.”, I say showing you the palate on which I kept the vegetables I took from you. “I used the pre-chopped ones.” I confess.

“Why you don’t let me chop Al?”, you ask.

“Remember the first time you told me you chopped vegetables?”, I say seasoning the vegetables and tossing them again.

“But that was year ago Al!”, you say.

“All I know is that you cut your finger with it.”, I say and look away from you; shy to confess. “Dice me some potato, please?”, I said passing you the potatoes.

“Chop from top to bottom and use the board. Don’t rush. Be at ease.”, I say still eyeing you a tad bit worried.

“Al.”, you say and seize the chopping. You grab my eyes and lock them with your gentle gaze. “I love you.”

And that makes my heart flutter around the world like a tiny butterfly but not before ceasing for one complete second.

“I love you too angel.”


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