Like A Vine

I am weak,
I am small.
You are rustic,
And you’re about to fall.
I am green,
You are red.
I am a vine,
You are the rustic slide in the kids playground.
I was the weed
And you were the rusted.
Both of us about to be dismantled.

Then I met you
And you met me.
And it was love at the first sight.
We teamed ourselves
Against the world.
We gave the other
What we had.
Like pieces of jigsaw,
We missed what the water had.
Individuals imperfect,
We became the perfect pair.
I grew up on you,
You gave me the support I lacked.
You got a life from me,
No longer rustic.

Useless singularly,
We were about to be deported.
Together we became yardart.

Desired and copied


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