Star Gazer

Out under the sun, you were on the hammock waiting for me. Initially that was the plan on my mind too but after my shower as I was coming out, the process of pulling a royal blue tee down my head midway; I saw you through the sliding glass door on the kitchen.

I saw you and stepped ahead two steps all the while pulling my shirt completely down me. My hands left the shirt after a slight pull and the shirt bobbed back up like a buoy underwater revolting but finally calming down like a child, too soon. All the while my eyes were fixed on you. Just at you.

Have you ever imagined, the plight of a star gazer? Who saw Orion? Who was the first person to form Sagittarius in the night sky? What was the gazer doing when he found Pieces? Why did the founder or Virgo stare at the sky so long that he saw a constellation?

There’s a slight fine line between obsession and madness, they all said to me afraid of my obsession.

“There’s a fine line between madness and passion.”, I say in a husky voice. “Cross the line beyond an obsession to form insanity. Cross the insanity to be passionate.”

My voice was reduced to a whisper as I gazed at you. Not a glance nor a stare. A steady and passionate gaze. I form my constellations around my stars. I turn my sky to vellum and my gaze turned the vellum to an intricate ornament so elaborate that it lost the sense of time and the sense of time lost it.

A gaze the star gazers are proud of. I feel their pats on my back and their breath on my ear.

Ad infinitum. Ad infinitum.”, they say. Till eternity, till eternity. Their whispers signify the eternity I created in that moment of time.


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