I Met A Soul

Sleep deprived and high on coffee. Even now I was drinking a strong coffee.

3 tbsp coffee
1/2 tbsp sugar
1/3 mug milk
2/3 water


I quite dislike social networking but yeah it’s important.


Oookay. I thought and saw the person sending the message. As I thought. A stranger!

Usually it takes me fifteen minutes to scare them off. Without even trying. It’s just that I am naturally weird! Normality repels me. If you would not sleep for days and be buzzed on coffee, you’ll obviously be weird. I told myself. Let’s test my weirdness.

“I like Suicide Silence. They have a song called The Price of Beauty. The doctor kills the patient just for fun.”, I send the text.

“Wow.”, I receive the text.

“Wow”? WOW! I am going to marry this person. I want to MARRY her!

45 minutes later

“I have to go.”, I receive a text.

“Can I talk to you daily? I don’t use any social network. Can I give you my number? I am giving you my number. Text me.”

I slept heartily that night.


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