Bows of Rain

“Where are you taking me now Al?”, you ask clearly excited cause of the blindfold.

“We’re going to see bows of rain.”, I say barely able to hold myself from bursting. As a rule I am bad at keeping my surprises. “But walk quick quick quick! It’ll end probably quiet soon.”

Your feet shuffle faster and I follow even faster, dragging you over to the den.

“I haven’t even brushed yet Al.”, you rebel but the excitement couldn’t be contained as your smile revealed it all.

“Almost there. Wait.”, I say and take my phone out of my pocket and open the door of den and start recording a video.

“Now take your blindfold off.”, I say and record your reaction.

“Al. At least don’t block the door, I wanna see!”

“Sorry, I didn’t realize I was blocking the door.”, I saw and let you see the room and it was a spectacular view to look at.

Yellow, green, blue, pink, red, white and black balloons were rotating in circles. Some on the floor, some were at knee level and some were at eye level. Suspended from the roof and in between these you. A smile painted on your lips and your eyes crinkling in joy. The happiness evident in your eyes and you almost bounce in pleasure.

“I wanted to do this with you.”, you say smiling.

“But I wanted to surprise you.”, I say still recording. “I love you a looooooooot.”

“I love you a looooooooot too.” You say as we hug in between the balloons.


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