Liar Liar

I open my eyes and see my angel looking at me, sitting on our bedside writing table. You smiled at me beaming and hand me my glasses. I place them on my nose I smile at you.

“Good morning Al.”, you say in your beautiful voice.

“Good morning. Is it Saturday today?”, I ask you.

“No. Saturday was day before yesterday.”, you say entering the blanket yourself and hugging me tightly.

“You’re up early. Is everything all right?”, I ask hugging you back.

“Yes and I am not up early. When you slept at night?”, you ask.

“I don’t know, I was on bed working on the laptop. Then I fell. O yes it waa very late!”, I say to you and apologize.

“What’s the time angel?”, I ask and again hug you.

“It’s 11:32.”, you say.

O no. I think to myself. I rush over to stand and take you on a piggyback. I walk to the washroom and sit you on the slab.

“You should have woke me na? I hope lappy is ok?”, I ask applying paste on my toothbrush.

“I woke up and removed it first.”, you say fixing my hair with your fingers.

“You must also be so very hungry.”, I say with the brush in my mouth.

“No, not at…”, your stomach speaks to complete your sentence.

I look at you and you look at me.


We both start laughing. That’s how my angel is. Smiling always and cute.

“I love you”, I say and you reply in affirmative.


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