“Stay mum.”

“Al”, you say.

“Who gave you that slush to drink in this winter?”


I pull the blanket over you and tuck you inside.

“You got a fever now.”, I say my voice thick in worry.


“Fever. It can be anything. Is it high?”


“You could have dengue. Typhoid. Common fever. Viral.”


“Moreover it’s a gateway disease. You can have more diseases now. You might get more sick now.”

“But Al.”

“You now stay in blanket only. Let me bring the thermos.”

“But Al.”


“I want icecream Al.”, you say with a smile hovering on your face.

I lean over on you and kiss your forehead.

“Can you get me one? Pleeeeeeeeease Al?”, you say with a big smile as you already knew the answer.

I look at the mischief in your eyes and it reminds me of small little innocent kids.

“But only a small one.”, I say and hug you tightly.

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