“Today is something special.”, I say with a slight teasing in my voice.

“YEEEEEEESSS! You have to teach me guitar today! Yaaaaaaaaaaay!”, you say clearly excited.

I smile at your excitement and reveal the guitar from my back which adds even more color to your face. I move over to sit behind you and strap the guitar to you. It has been a while hence this began and you are getting better by every passing second. I snuggle closer to you and hug you tightly.

“Place your finger there and another one there. Now use your right hand to strum.”, I guide you on your six string.

This position we are currently in is my favorite but the tention in the air is making this moment even more important. My chin on your shoulder and my left palm over your palm and my right hand guiding your right hand. My cheek gently gazing at your neck and your hair warm my face.

“It’s so hard.”, you say. “The strings almost bite.”

“That is true. It pains a bit. Maybe bleed you a little too.”, I say.

“But I won’t stop. No no no no no. I want to play. I want to learn playing. I will play guitar. Then we will play together. And then we will”

“Ok ok. We will keep playing. I am not stopping you angel.”,  I say. “Now a slow strum down.”

And with a just an existing force I guide your hand one string at a time. All of them were ringing producing a sweet sweet sound. I peep at your face and see that beaming smile on your face.

“I played the guitar!”, you say your voice shrill in surprise.

And that excitement rings a chord on my heartstrings.


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