Homecoming, The Return of Childhood

“Please not today. I don’t want to go.”, you say almost teary.

“But you have to na? And who has to save the world? Do operations? You have to see dissections and see a still living human body from inside. You have still not seen it na?”, I say as my hands on your shoulder keep urging you to move forward.

I enter your lecture theatre and lead you to your favorite bench. Your fellow mates look at me and then at you. Jealous creatures, I whisper in your ear.

“Not today. Please?”, you still try to plead your way out.

“But you want to play that stunt game on Pc na? So you have to attend your lectures for the day.” I say to you.

“I don’t want to play. I don’t want to see human body. I don’t want to do operations. Neither save the world nor see a beating heart live.”, you say and turn to look at me. Big fat tears well up inside. “I just want to spend the day with you. Just this last day. Pleeeeeeeeease?”

That really touches my heartstrings. Something tickles me inside. I take your head in both my palms and wipe your tears as I do it. Time to use the triumph card.

“Okay then last day. From tomorrow no college at all. Just you and me at home. Deal?” I say.

“Deal.”, you reply easing slightly. “But what will you do till now? You’ll go home na?”

“What’s home without you? I will be just outside, waiting in out car. Working on the novel.”, I reply.

“Promise?”, you ask.

“Yes angel, promise.”, I reply.

We turn our head to look at your professor staring at me.

“Gotta run away. I will be in the car. I love you a looooooooot.” I say.

“I trust you. I love you a looooooooot too, Al.”, you say.

I walk out the door and glance one final look at you before going out to our car. Took my laptop out of the bag and resumed my work on the novel.

After the college ends…

I run towards the door and exactly then the last ring for the day rang. I walk into the class and over to you. You throw your arms around my neck and are visibly thrilled.

“How were the classes my angel?”

“O AMAZING! I say my first delivery!”

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