Snuck Out

“I think she’s sleeping now.”, I say straining my ears and trying to hear even tiny shuffles.

“It’s been less than five minutes! It’s not possible just yet. Be a bit patient, Al.”, you say giggling softly.

I look at you and you are looking absolutely stunning. Black jeans, white shirt and a pink sweater. Stunning. I open my mouth to compliment but I hear an echo of my voice through you.

“You are looking perfect!”, we say at the same time.

Gleaming at this coincidence, I hug you sideways and strain my ears once again.

“Now she’s sleeping. Let’s go.”, I say with my hand slipping down to your palm, entwining our fingers together.

We tip-toe across our room, onto the hall, across the lobby and out the door. We look at each other with our hearts pumping.

“Which key you brought with you?” You ask.

I stick my hand into my pockets and bring out 3 keys.

“I brought them all. Now you decide which vehicle would you like to take. I would love to go on your Kawasaki.”, I say.

“Really?”, you ask me with your eyes gleeful.

“Yes. Really.”

“Thankew Al, but you will have to switch to drive in every hour. Okay?”

“Okay okay. Now let’s get going before Alexi shows up.”

And with that we drove onto the full moon, destinationless.


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