Warrior of Light

Sometimes being in the dark leads us to believe that we exist in the darkness. Such a creature was I with myself in the dark and believing that the darkness was where I existed. I would have went on like that till the day someone approached me.

The lone wolf is definitely and defiantly a strong feeler. The power in his jaws is surely greater but he has no confrontation of it’s kind to tell him the senses. Similarly wandering in a dreamless land was so excruciating and tiresome that the mind almost set up to believe that walking is no longer an option.

Until the point I met the warrior of light.

The warrior of light cradled me and as the savage I snapped and snarled, the Warrior just looked at me and smiled gently. Amused, bemused and amazed I stopped my lashing around and stood still and looked into the Warrior’s eyes and found something which I had almost forgotten.


The light of dreams and stands and ambitions. The light of hope and relief and joy. The light of sleep. The light of belief.

And now the Warrior of Light leads my way.

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